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see fireballfireball,
very bright meteor leaving a trail in the sky that can remain visible for several minutes; often a distinct sound, perhaps caused by very low frequency radio waves, is associated with it.
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(boh -lÿd) A brilliant meteor that appears to explode, i.e. a detonating fireball. The brighter ones are caused by ablating meteorites that subsequently fall to Earth. About 5000 bolides occur in the Earth's atmosphere each year.



a bright meteor with pronounced angular dimensions. The most brilliant bolides may be visible even in daylight; at night, the mantle and the tail are visible. Bolides leave a trail of ionizing gases and dust. The flight of a bolide may be accompanied by acoustic phenomena and sometimes terminates in the fall of a meteorite.


A brilliant meteor, especially one which explodes; a detonating fireball meteor.
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The bolide was processed as temporary importation under ATA Carnet (ATA - Admission Temporaire), however the specialists requested additional documents from the Indian party.
The video coverage of the bolide from many locations has enabled scientists to make a fairly robust determination of the asteroid's pre-entry orbit.
2), bolides can occur anywhere on our home planet (fig.
Earth has been hit many times with large fiery meteors called bolides (bo-lides).
The arrangement suggested that bolides have been striking a limited set of targets, or "cratering nodes," which have remained the same for at least the last half billion years.
Viktor Grokhovsky from the meteorites committee of the Russian Academy of Sciences support the much accepted theory that the mysterious blast caused by another bolide.
Helio Oiticica had similarly placed loose pigments, earth, shells, and mirrors inside his plywood constructions Bolides caixas (Box Bolides) from the early '60s, but Machado's piece is closer in spirit to Oiticica's later works, in which geometry became extravagant and manneristic, yet also formally stable and sound, allowing the display of formal singularity while appealing to the senses.
Des jeunes, beaucoup d'adolescents y rivalisent d'imagination pour arborer leur [beaucoup moins que]necessaire de luxe[beaucoup plus grand que]: des voitures, le plus souvent des bolides dernier cri, des accessoires sortis de plus grandes maisons de luxe, des montres de tres grande marque, des yachts, des liasses de billets en coupures de 50 dinars cotoyant d'autres en dollars et en euros, des instantanes de villegiature dans des palaces et plages huppees, des spiritueux les plus prestigieux, et bien sur une garde-robe de nababs.
Although those who formulated this explanation have stepped back from their original guesswork, they still argue that the punctuated return of numerous Taurid bolides has bullied us enough to infiltrate our mythic imagination.
Les Verts n'en demandaient pas mieux pour traduite leur suprematie sur deux bolides de Guedioura (11') et Djabou (23').
Oiticica's "Area Bolides," created for his famous 1969 installation Eden at London's Whitechapel Gallery, offer some particularly compelling points of comparison.
Washington, June 12 (ANI): A recent US military policy decision explicitly states that observations by hush-hush government spacecraft of incoming bolides and fireballs are classified secret and are not to be released.