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for 1st effective boll formation###0.340218###-0.525938###-0.15394###0.458341###0.134098
20 that he would be appealing Boll's recommendation but later withdrew his challenge on Dec.
Similarly, in the case of boll weight, progenies CRIS-134 x Neelum-121 recorded the bigger bolls (3.54 g), while the parental lines Neelum-121 showed the highest mean value (3.26 g).
His old cottage has been transformed as a retreat for writers, as well as a place where Boll's fans can pay homage.
KEYWORDS: Gossypium hirsutum L; Farmyard manure; Minimum Tillage; Conventional tillage; Deep tillage; Boll weight; Plant height; No.
(2014) where maximum plant height, number of boll, number of sympodial and monopodia branches and seed cotton yield because this genotype exhibits broader genetic variability for wide range adaptability, resistance against insect, viruses and higher yield potential.
As the cotton gin was to removing seeds from the locks of cotton around 1800, so was the mechanical picker to the gathering of the valuable bolls from the stalks.
General combining ability mean squares for all the characters were significant at 5% level of probability in case of plant height and lint index, and were significant at 1% level for sympodial branches plant-1, number of bolls plant-1, boll weight, seed index and seed cotton yield plant-1.
After this the attack of spotted boll worm will be started which also effect the crop growth.
Minimum plant height, leaf area index & dry matter recorded (112.71cm, 3.33 & 192.82g respectively) at 50% boll opening stage in late sown crop among all different dates of sowing.