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name for the larvae of two different moths. The pink bollwormpink bollworm,
destructive larva of a moth, Pectinophora gossypiella. Probably of Native American origin, it is a serious pest of cotton in the S United States, chiefly along the Mexican border.
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 is a serious pest of cotton, and the corn earwormcorn earworm
or cotton bollworm,
destructive larva of a moth, Heliothis zea. Also known as tomato fruitworm, the larva attacks a variety of crops, boring into and feeding on the developing fruits—tomatoes, corn kernels, or cotton bolls.
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, or cotton bollworm, attacks cotton, corn, and other crops.
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In a 3-year study at two locations, one such advanced-generation hybrid, when compared to a control variety, required 41 percent less insecticide to control pink bollworm and yielded 12 percent more lint.
In an agriculture feature e-mailed to reporter by Naveed Asmat Kahloon, the Incharge media liaison unit of Punjab agriculture information department Multan, it was stated that sometimes Bt cotton also face bollworms attack but its intensity is lower compared to bollworm attack on non-Bt varieties.
Seasonal Abundance of Bollworms and Tobacco Budworms on a Typical Cotton Plantation.
In Arizona, Carriere and his colleagues analyzed data on cotton varieties and pink bollworm infestations from 1991--5 years before the introduction of Bt cotton--until 2001.
But this only works when the population of pink bollworms is already low, says Nate Dechoretz, chief of integrated pest control for the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA).
However, cotton treated with spinosad "had fewer damaging bollworm and budworm larvae than plots treated with the other pesticides," Esquivel says.
In the mid-1990s Lee was struggling to make a device sensitive enough to detect the dreaded pink bollworm just by listening for the sounds of larvae munching.
Ruberson collaborated on research that will alert growers as to which natural enemies are attacking budworms and bollworms in cottonfields.
Another biological product making its way to the marketplace is a nematode called Steinernema riobravis, a natural enemy of pink bollworms, corn earworms, and fall armyworms, among others.
Consuming the host egg, the developing parasites grow to adulthood and fly away, leaving cotton and corn unblemished by would-be bollworms and borers.
A protein extracted from a bacteria, Bacillus Thuringiens is (Bt), has been infused in the DNA of cotton seed through bio-technology and this protein kills bollworms whenever they eat the plant, says a release issued by media liaison unit of Punjab agriculture department here on Wednesday.
This expert system is designed to help cotton growers manage insect pests such as bollworms, using beneficial insects and fewer pesticide applications.