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A fastening system using screw-threaded devices such as nuts, bolts, or studs.
(food engineering)
The process of refining or purifying, especially of sifting flour or meal through a sieve.
(mining engineering)
The use of vibrating sieves to separate particles of different sizes.



in plants, the development of any organ of a plant from another organ that has already completed its growth. For example, a leafy shoot, a flower, or even a raceme may form from a flower; a large number of secondary and tertiary shoots may appear on a primary shoot; and secondary tubers may appear on potato tubers instead of buds. The causes of bolting may be parasitic mycoplasmic organisms that produce yellows, big bud, and pupation in plants; aphids; and ecological factors, such as severe drought.

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The quality of bolting with Cabolt is excellent because there is no possibility for human error.
The advantages of mechanising the cable bolting process are many:
The cable bolting task is fully controlled through Tamrock's TMS instrumentation.
Bolting only the crest of the bench (Pattern 3) allowed a greater volume of rockfall from the unsecured portion of the bench face and some backbreak.
Differences between movement rates for each area roughly correspond to the degree of bolting in the slope below, but these are not statistically significant.
the availability of cable bolting equipment has made cable handling practicable.
Apart from providing long-term support, cable bolting is also becoming more widely used in production.