bomb disposal unit

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bomb disposal unit (BDU)

A unit specially trained and equipped for rendering unexploded ordnances safe.
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Police cordoned off the area as a precaution and called for the bomb disposal unit from Catterick.
If the device goes off before then, however, the bomb disposal unit will safely contain the explosion.
Amarone restaurant, in Nelson Mandela Place in Glasgow city centre, was cleared with surrounding streets brought to a standstill as armed police and a bomb disposal unit moved in.
A BOMB disposal unit was called to investigate a suspect package outside a Liverpool police station.
A bomb disposal unit of the local police was sent to a railway station in Hamburg, northern Germany, after a Japanese tourist left his bag unattended and attached to a bench at the station, according to a local newspaper.
The area was sealed off as the Army Bomb Disposal unit moved in.
A bomb disposal unit carried out a controlled explosion on a suspicious package outside the station entrance.
Subsequent searches led to a specialist bomb disposal unit being called to Kenmare Mews, Pontprennau, after officers found a suspicious package in a car, just before 11am yesterday.
Workers in the lab were evacuated and the site was sealed off as the fire brigade and a bomb disposal unit were called in to secure the area.
A spokeswoman for the Manchester police said that parts of terminal one and two had been closed while the army bomb disposal unit was examining a suspect package, Reuters reported.
In Pompeii's case, precipitating a school crisis involving a bomb disposal unit has led to felony charges, including reckless endangerment and illegal possession of "noxious material.
In addition, the Valley would get its own bomb disposal unit rather than having to rely on officers dispatched from either Los Angeles International Airport or the Northeast Division.