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Swelling out; having a convex shape.
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The breakfront features bombe center drawers, side doors and end panels.
Place the bombes in the fryer until golden brown, about two minutes.
The Gu Bombe au Chocolat 450g, is available at Sainsbury's, priced pounds 5.
Pictured is former bombe operator Jean Valentine, aged 82, unveiling the restored machine at Bletchley Park.
I wanted this dessert to be a wee bit of a showstopper, so I thought of making it as a spherical bombe, just like an old-fashioned Christmas pudding, and topping it with some sort of poured cream/custard effect.
La bombe a ete declenchee lors du passage d'un vehicule transportant un procureur, Abdul Qayoom, a precise a l'AFP un porte-parole des autorites locales Ahmad Zia Abdulzai.
Now, 60 years on, enthusiasts have recreated a Turing Bombe based on the original design.
During his service, Mr McConnell was responsible for fixing the Bombe machines when they broke down while trying to intercept the Enigma codes.
En effet, un manifestant a ete tue hier a Alexandrie et deux policiers ont ete blesses dans l'explosion d'une bombe dans le quartier d'Heliopolis, au Caire.
Au sud de Bagdad, trois personnes ont ete tuees et 15 blessees par l'explosion d'une bombe collee a un minibus au passage de pelerins chiites se rendant dans la ville sainte de Kerbala pour celebrer l'anniversaire de l'imam Mehdi, le 12e imam des chiites, selon des sources policiere et medicale.
And, as I'd not made a bombe in years, I had my recipe.
The results are from numerous periods, from a $2,000 Louis XV bombe curio with a hand-painted lacquered panel depicting a quaint courtship scene, to a country-style sideboard and hutch reminiscent of a style favored by Germans who settled in Pennsylvania in the 1800s.