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Jagged, disjointed cracks that do not intersect the bond beam often are the telltale sign of poor gunite workmanship.
These include cracks through the bond beam at the floor or roof level, out-of-plane.
The tires were finished off with a cement bond beam that framed 2 x 6 walls are anchored to.
After the vertical forms are filled, the bond beam is placed.
We have never heard of a concrete bond beam being used on a papercrete building.
For earthquake resistance, the walls are built over a grid of steel reinforcing bars that extends into a concrete bond beam (a reinforcing beam capping the walls), which is left exposed as a design element throughout the house.
The change order will cover the cost of installing four floor drains in restrooms as well as credit the county back roughly $700 for bond beam blocks.
Aqua Pool & Patio made the bond beam 16 inches thick to accommodate the coping's extra width.
In load bearing (or Nebraska style) construction, some folks still like to use a lath, securely fastened to the footer and the bond beam, asserting that the strength of the wall is then in the stucco.
Artificial boulders often notch over the edge of a pool, resting on and tying to the perimeter bond beam (the structural beam that rings the pool) and running several feet below the water level.
Walt and I did rest the by ourselves, from mixing mud and laying the adobe, to installing windows, headers, bond beam, gas lines, plumbing etc.
The experts also say it reduces cracking, but it's hard to believe it's better than filling every fourth block with a #5 rebar and concrete, especially with a bond beam on top" [ILLUSTRATION FOR SKETCH 4B OMITTED].