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The first peaks in Figure 2(a) indicate Cu-O bond distances of 1.91-1.93 [Angstrom] and correspond to the [H.sub.2]O bonded directly to Cu(I).
Knowing the charge density qi on each atom and the bond distances, we can calculate the dipole moment.
HA atom of Ala306 has joined with the O13 atom of the ligand with carbon hydrogen bond with a bond distance of 2.6 A.
are considered to be 1.68794 A2,0.453456 A4, and 0.22682 A4, respectively, and the covalent bond distance of the carbon where [M], [K], {q}, and {[??]} indicate the global mass matrix, global stiffness matrix, nodal displacement vector, and nodal acceleration vector, respectively.
The reason for only three types of trajectories on the simulations of the real SP may be partially deduced by the bond distances of these four bonds around the central spiro-C.
The X-ray analysis shows that the Si=Si double bond distance of 44 is rather normal with 2.1595(9) [Angstrom].
Numerical experiments can be used to investigate the dependence as atomic mass, bond distance or any other property, is varied continuously from one value to another.
The newly determined bond distances for the As[F.sub.6] salt put the bond distance at 1.842(4) [Angstrom], implying a bond order of 2.4.
for a fixed vibrationally averaged OH bond distance utilizing a large Dunning basis set.