DSL Rings

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DSL Rings

A technology from Genesis Technical Systems Corporation, Calgary, Alberta, Canada (www.genesistechsys.com) that enables telephone companies to deploy high-speed DSL service over existing copper lines without the huge expense of laying optical fibers, especially in rural communities.

DSL Rings provide 400 Mbps shared among some 15 households within 4.3 miles (7 km) from the central office. A Genesis Convergence Node is installed in the pedestal (green or gray box) that services the houses and terminates up to 15 bonded copper wire pairs from the telco central office (see G.bond).

Neighborhood Rings
Instead of the traditional tree/branch structure from the pedestal, DSL Rings create a resilient packet ring between neighboring homes (see RPR). In each house, a Genesis Home Gateway establishes the ring with one wire pair "in" and another "out." DSL Rings also accommodate regular telephone service by filtering out voice from the DSL as well as supporting voice over Internet (VoIP). In addition, real-time traffic is tagged as high priority to provide quality of service (QoS).

From Trees to Rings
DSL Rings turn the traditional tree/branch architecture into rings that enable the copper infrastructure to deliver high-speed DSL service.
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