bonding compound

dressing compound, bonding compound

A hot- or cold-applied bituminous liquid used to coat exposed surfaces of roofing felt.
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Bentonite is the main bonding compound of green sand systems, and for it to have quality bonding, it first must be activated with the use of an agent.
The coring drum can be accurately positioned perpendicular to the horizon to ensure that every core can be easily extracted and reinstated using Utilicor's Utilibond keyhole core bonding compound. The MPX comes equipped with a 100-gallon water tank, a high pressure wash system and an optional core lift device with a 500 pound capacity, as well as a Glycol winterizing system for operations in colder climates.
In research recently published in Cement and Concrete Composites the group served up a recipe for cement that is more energy efficient and cost effective to produce than masonry's most prevalent bonding compound.
"Once the repair has been completed," Jones said, "the hole is backfilled and the core cemented back into place with a special bonding compound, Utilibond.
The hole is then backfilled to the base of the pavement and that same core of pavement that was removed earlier, is bonded back into the roadway with Utilibond[TM], a specially designed core bonding compound that results in a permanent, almost invisible, perfectly matching, waterproof pavement repair.
The direct bonding compound to galvanized steel cable is very similar, but contains more A1[(OH).sub.3] and some litharge for improvement of adhesion.
* A bonding compound to reinstate the core back into the pavement.
Not only is the vertical nature of both the core and the hole important during reinstatement to prevent the bonding compound from pooling or migrating to the low side, but with deeper cores there is the added danger that the pull of gravity will cause the core to bind up inside the core drum, or, even worse, cause the core drum itself to become stuck as it is driven deeper into the pavement, causing damage to the coring unit.
That is important for municipal approval, as is the ability of the bonding compound to create a mechanical joint that restores the road to its pre-excavation strength and load sharing ability.
The bonding compound should also be easy to store and transport and easy to mix with the exact amount of water required.
The Utilicor process combines a robust, purpose-built, heavy-duty, truck-mounted or skid-steer mounted rotary coring unit (Minicor), with Utilibond, a proprietary bonding compound that has been specifically developed for the permanent reinstatement of cored pavement coupons (keyholes) in all types of paved roads and sidewalks.