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The U series date of 80886+42423/-31265 BP (Cardoso, 1993) from the 3rd bone bed at a depth of 7.
A new horned dinosaur from an Upper Cretaceous bone bed in Alberta.
Our search was part of a guided hike to an ancient bone bed found in the local badlands, a moonscape of crumbling earth perfect for preserving fossils.
Near Egg Mountain, there also are maiasaur and troodon nesting areas to visit as well as a campasaur bone bed containing the bones of about 2,000 dinosaurs.
Ashley's little arthropod told us this bone bed was once a dinosaur watering hole--and an ephemeral (eh-FEM-ur-ul) watering hole at that," says Cheryl Bjoraker.
The 110-square-mile bone bed, rich with 15 million-year-old fossils has since been closed to the public for the sake of fossil preservation and public health.
sup][1],[3] Arthroplasty often requires amputation of substantial bone mass, thereby causing bleeding of the bone bed.
Palaeoenvironmental signatures revealed from the rare earth element (REE) compositions of vertebrate microremains of the Vesiku Bone Bed (Homerian, Wenlock), Saaremaa Island, Estonia.
3) Aiming to restore the sphericity of the humeral head and enhance the healing process, the bone bed of the defect was augmented with demineralized bone matrix allograft.
We also continued to uncover another bone bed full of the jumbled remains of juvenile duck-billed dinosaurs.
They suggested that the bone bed formed when flood waters swept over a pterosaur rookery.
Mainly, there is a lack of geochemical data from vertebrate fossils, which may reveal the depositional conditions of the bone bed and, by inference, provide insights into vertebrate palaeoecology.