bone meal

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bone meal,

finely ground bone used as a fertilizer for its content of phosphate and nitrogen (about 23%–30% available phosphate and 2%–4% nitrogen); it is an expensive form of phosphoric acid when compared with superphosphatessuperphosphate
or superphosphate of lime,
Ca(H2PO4)2, is a compound produced by treating rock phosphate with sulfuric acid or phosphoric acid, or a mixture of the two.
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. Bone meal is also fed to farm animals to supply needed mineral food constituents, e.g., calcium and phosphorus.

Bone Meal


a mineral additive in feed for farm animals made by processing the bones from slaughtered animals. It is made by grinding bones that are defatted by organic solvents and deglutinated by steam. Bone meal is rich in minerals, particularly calcium (245 g in 1 kg of feed) and phosphorus (118 g). For cattle, 40–100 g of bone meal are added to the ration, and for small animals, 8–20 g. Bone meal constitutes up to 1 percent of the weight of mixed feeds.

bone meal

[′bōn ‚mēl]
A substance made by grinding animal bones; steamed meal, made from pressure-steamed bones, is used as a fertilizer; raw meal is used in animal feed.
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Meat and bone meal is commonly successfully use in low levels inclusion and/or in combination with other protein sources, without affecting growth parameters, where Florida pompano, Trachinotus carolinus L.
Agricultural professional organisations in the EU say they are prepared to ensure "strict and total" traceability of meat and bone meal to guarantee the absence of "intra-species recycling" and continuation of the ban for ruminants.
1993) found that the crude protein content in the corn and in the meat and bone meal samples showed an important variation, which may cause errors in the formulation of diets, besides being able to affect the nutrient digestibility of these ingredients.
If the disease was in Canada, it would also be found in the United States and Mexico, since all three NAFTA [North American Free Trade Agreement] nations are one big free trade zone and all three countries feed their cattle slaughterhouse waste in the form of blood, fat, and rendered meat and bone meal," Stauber wrote recently on Alternet.
The factory worker said: 'Firstly the Government was wrong to license the mixture of meat bone meal into grazing animal feed.
SDI Europe has recently introduced the FeedChek[TM] test, designed to detect mammalian-derived meat and bone meal (MBM) in cattle feed.
A ban on feeding meat and bone meal to all farm animals remains in place, as does the removal of animal parts from cattle of all ages which pose the highest risk of BSE infection.
We plant things, water them, and occasionally feed the soil with organic nutrients, including manure, compost or bone meal.
The most common type of anthrax in people affects the skin through contact with infected animals, hides, hair or bone meal.
The letter, sent by Britain's Bureau of Livestock Industry, said ''Epidemiological investigations have concluded that cattle were most probably exposed to the agent of scrapie via commercial cattle feedstuffs which contained meat and bone meal derived from sheep.