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bone meal,

finely ground bone used as a fertilizer for its content of phosphate and nitrogen (about 23%–30% available phosphate and 2%–4% nitrogen); it is an expensive form of phosphoric acid when compared with superphosphatessuperphosphate
or superphosphate of lime,
Ca(H2PO4)2, is a compound produced by treating rock phosphate with sulfuric acid or phosphoric acid, or a mixture of the two.
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. Bone meal is also fed to farm animals to supply needed mineral food constituents, e.g., calcium and phosphorus.

Bone Meal


a mineral additive in feed for farm animals made by processing the bones from slaughtered animals. It is made by grinding bones that are defatted by organic solvents and deglutinated by steam. Bone meal is rich in minerals, particularly calcium (245 g in 1 kg of feed) and phosphorus (118 g). For cattle, 40–100 g of bone meal are added to the ration, and for small animals, 8–20 g. Bone meal constitutes up to 1 percent of the weight of mixed feeds.

bone meal

[′bōn ‚mēl]
A substance made by grinding animal bones; steamed meal, made from pressure-steamed bones, is used as a fertilizer; raw meal is used in animal feed.
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With each passing year, the UK must store an additional 65,000 tons of suspect meat and bonemeal "The whereabouts of these dumps are shrouded in secrecy," the Observer reports, and the private contractors that are "making millions from running these dumps" are not required to inform the public about their work.
These initial concerns were substantiated in the 1980s by observations of the association of neurologic disorders in some patients who were taking either dolomite or bonemeal supplements and had relatively elevated lead concentrations in their hair (14).
And if you're looking for accessories, from hand tools, gloves and spray bottles to must-haves like compost, lawn feed, bonemeal and weed killer, trawl the gardening section for all your green finger needs.
Half a bucket of well-rotted compost or manure will have been added to the planting hole, plus a small handful of general purpose fertiliser or bonemeal.
Insert the shrub gently, and gradually fill the hole with a half and half mixture of soil and peat to which a further handful of bonemeal (or superphosphate) has been added.
Remove all but two or three leaves at the top, snip off the thorns from the bottom, dip the base in rooting powder and insert cuttings 6in deep in light soil with some bonemeal added.
Enrich the backfill soil with soil conditioner and bonemeal fertiliser.
Plant evergreen shrubs in soil that is enriched with wellrotted garden compost and a sprinkling of bonemeal.
Yn y pedwerydd rhan o'm gardd byddaf yn plannu llysiau gwyrdd gan ddefnyddio Growmore a Bonemeal.
Once you have a perfect position, slide the sacking out from underneath the shrub and mix a handful of blood, fish and bonemeal in with some of the soil you've dug out, using it to fill in the hole and give the shrub a good soaking.
To get the ground ready - assuming that you have incorporated some well-rotted compost or animal manure during the winter - give the soil a dressing of a balanced general fertiliser, such as Grow more or fish, blood and bonemeal.