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Most bonsai research projects involve ambiguity and uncertainty; you are using your skills as an information professional to distill what you found into a one-paragraph summary.
In attendance were bonsai masters Kunio Kobayashi from Japan, and Amy Liang, Yen Zi Jing and Wu Jian Zhang from Taiwan; viewing-stones experts Thomas Elias from the United States and Hiromi Nakaoji from Japan; and Ikenobo professor Romeo Balderrama Jr.
It was explained how bonsai was fine-tuned in Japan.
The ultra-portable and ergonomic user design of the ACUSON Bonsai's laptop and mobile cart system offers flexibility in scanning locations.
From mixing the right growing medium to choosing the perfect pot to displaying your mini bonsai, this Japanese gardening book gives you basic techniques and valuable tips to help you grow miniature: flowering trees; pines; maples; oaks; junipers; and other varieties of tiny trees and potted plants that are readily available and last for years
I used to work away and as soon as I came back I would go to check my bonsai. I'm in the garden even when it's raining."
"I used to work away from Monday to Friday and as soon as I came back before I went into the kitchen I would go to check my bonsai.
This report describes the case of a patient with respiratory depression and acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) developing following bonsai use and subsequent pneumothorax.
Conclusion: Osborn wave may be a significant criterion to initiate close monitoring in a coronary care unit, with supportive treatment and mechanical ventilation as necessary in those patients who abuse Bonsai.
The terms "bonsai" and "penjing"--"Japanese and Chinese, respectively, for "pot-cultivated"--"refer to the art of designing and maintaining miniature living trees or shrubs, long considered the ultimate in gardening skill.