book matching

book matching, herringbone matching

book matching
The assembling of wood veneers from the same flitch so that successive sheets are alternated face up and face down. In figured wood, side-by-side sheets show a symmetrical mirror image about the joints between adjoining sheets.
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Since I didn't know how long the masks would take, I also set up a paranormal book matching game where the teens had to match characters to their book series.
Intervention methods included: (1) end-of-year lessons; (2) family nights; (3) tri-folds; (4) follow-up calls; and (5) book matching and summer book distribution.
The book includes an appendix on two electronic book matching programs, Accelerated Reader and Reading Counts.
Book matching is accomplished by turning over every other slice of veneer and matching the two pieces, producing a mirror-image grain pattern.
The majority of aircraft contracts call for book matching the veneer leaves.
Book matching is the most commonly specified type of match.