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The SSDNow V Series 30GB Boot Drive also offers Windows 7 Trim support, which helps the SSD maintain high performance through the life of the drive.
When manually assigning SCSI devices keeping the boot drive ID as 0 will alleviate any potential problems with older software or hardware.
Various storage options are available including a mix of a 1TB PCIe boot drive plus 1TB PCIe storage drive, in addition to the 1TB 7200RPM HDD drive.
UEFI BIOS even offers drag and drop boot drive prioritization, simplifying a process that in the past presented a major hurdle to novice PC users.
It features a silent operation and the ability to be used as a boot drive or as additional storage.
Whether as an OS boot drive or a mass storage location, the Ultimate SU800 has diverse needs covered.
With no drop-off in performance when moving down to 60GB, the F60 is an ideal boot drive for a performance system, especially when combined with traditional spinning media for mass storage.
I'm keeping the 3GB drive for backups and as a buffer when I bum CDs and, anyhow, a 3GB C: boot drive was all I needed until I got Microsoft Office.