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bootable disk

An optical disc (CD, DVD) or USB drive that contains a bootable program that takes control of the computer. Computers are typically configured to look for the OS on a CD or DVD first and then the hard disk or SSD. The computer can also be configured to look for the USB drive first, although very early computers do not have that option.

System and Data Recovery
A bootable disk is used to recover a failed system when the OS on the internal storage drive does not load. The OS on the bootable disk can be a very lightweight version of the OS running in the computer, or it may be an entirely different OS. In the past, a compact version of DOS was used.

The bootable OS must support the file system on the computer's internal drive, and it must have sufficient drivers for the peripherals used in the recovery. In addition, bootable recovery disks contain troubleshooting and repair utilities. Even if the operating system cannot be restored, the bootable disk often enables valuable data files to be copied to an external drive. See file system.

Install or Replace an OS
A bootable disk is also used to install a new operating system. In this case, it boots a small program that is able to overwrite the existing OS or install the OS from scratch. For brand new computers, it often has an option to format the storage drive. The installation program on the bootable disk has complete control of the computer. See LiveCD and ISO image.
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Retrospect's Disaster Recovery Wizard creates a bootable CD image from the backup even after the computer to be restored has died.
The "Emergency Recovery" Wizard allows the user to create a bootable CD that can be used to recover the system partition in case of a system disaster or hard-drive loss.
Norton AntiVirus 2001 provides users a bootable CD allowing them to start-up their systems in the event of an emergency situation.
Norton AntiVirus 2001 provides users a bootable CD allowing them to easily startup their systems in the event of an emergency situation.
In the future, the lost data can be restored onto bootable CD or DVD discs or copied onto a hard disk.
Rather than booting the PC system to floppy, then restoring from CD, restoration can be done directly from a bootable CD. During the backup the user can select to create a bootable backup CD.
After a disaster (a hard drive crash, for example), the DDS-4 drive can be set to appear to the system as if it was a bootable CD. The data can be read from the DDS-4 drive and reinstalled onto the damaged hard drive.
This changes the personality of the drive from Tape Drive to Bootable CD. On systems that can boot from a CD, when the system is restarted, it boots from the HP drive.