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left to right: Stonemason Gilbert >Ward, David Bowmaker, Robert Charlton and Brian Burnie from Daft as a Brush charity with the beginnings of the stone obelisk at Border Stone Quarries, Haltwhistle.
Only one border stone was left standing in this zone.
Robert Charlton failed to install proper safety measures at his Border Stone Quarries business in Kirkholmedale, Haltwhistle, Northumberland, exposing his staff to a killer lung-wasting disease.
15m 181m3, 17m3 concrete sleeper, A2 31m Border, Border T2 870m, 700m stone border stone edging removal / reinstallation 370m, paving stone 1150m2, Pierre planted 50m, planted Pierre removal / reinstallation 350m, water Descent large format 58m, backhand water l: 0.
The tires of the TATNEFT's petrochemical complex were also mentioned as "most durable tires": during the tests they were capable of sustaining a a border stone impact at a speed of 70 km/h.
Mr Charlton, who also owns Border Stone Quarries in Haltwhistle and the Greenhead Hotel, said he was now considering his options but was keen to continue offering accommodation at the premises.
The "welcome" statues have been funded with pounds 8,000 from the Market Towns Initiative, town council money and Border Stone Quarries.
Prequalification are invited for Selection of a contractor for the partial replacement of asphalt covering, works on patching coverage, replacement support rings and replacement of damaged border stones at the site UPTK "UKS Minsk City Executive Committee", Minsk, ul.
Plastic lawn edging or border stones should do the trick.