bore hole

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wormhole, bore hole

A hole or tunnel of any size in wood caused by worms.
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Researchers start by working out how an engine block is likely to become distorted: they determine the level of static distortion by unscrewing the cylinder head and measuring the extent to which the bore hole has been warped.
MAKING SAVINGS Mike Ashley DRIVE Moves at St James' saved thousands WATER SOLUTION United's training ground where a bore hole has been installed
The instrument is the only one in the world which can measure bore holes from 400 mm to 1150 mm in size with unrivalled accuracy.
Another bore hole is used for communications, electricity, air and water.
A third bore hole is 100 feet down in an area north of the headgate area.
Bore hole water is initially used to reduce the temperature of the fries from 95[degrees]C to 40[degrees]C, with the temperature then further reduced to -18[degrees]C through the use of pumped ammonia.
There was a big celebration when the bore hole was handed to the school.
The bore hole is on land owned by the Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Trust at Erdington and Aqua Resources is seeking to gain common carriage for its water by extracting it from the bore hole and piping it into a nearby reservoir owned by Severn Trent.
This reduces the risk of oil entering the groundwater down the well casing or between the casing and the bore hole.
Tenders are invited for Out Sourcing Of Core Drilling 800Meter 8 Bore Hole 100M Each Bore Hole
A Hypro diaphragm pump is used for pumping the bentonite mixture into the bore hole.