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Tenders invited for Supply of cnc machined borehole logging probe
UWB electromagnetic borehole logging tool," 2010 IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS), 3565-3567, 2010.
Uranium Exploration Australia Limited is a publicly listed active uranium explorer in Australia and owner of the independently managed borehole logging company, Geoscience Associates Australia Pty Ltd, owner of the unique Prompt Fission Neutron device, a sophisticated tool for directly measuring uranium in boreholes.
He emphasizes fundamental principles and specifically avoids topics that require lengthy explanation, such as borehole logging and seismology.
For depleted reservoirs, geological information is usually available from the original oil and gas exploration process (although both borehole logging and geophysical investigations tend to focus on the reservoir horizons and further data might need to be obtained on the overburden strata).
The probe is part of the SIROLOG suite of spectrometric borehole logging tools developed by CSIRO Exploration and Mining to evaluate the composition and quality of coal, ore and rock at mine sites.
Businesses taking part in the mission, which was led by WalesTrade International, included Glan Conwy-based Geovista which manufactures borehole logging and inspection camera systems.
The Geotechnical Business-Focused Team (BFT) of the Western Federal Lands Highway Division (WFLHD) required a process for collecting data during geotechnical subsurface explorations that was easier and faster than the handwritten borehole logging (recording) system currently being used by WFLHD.
Detailed borehole logging, supplemented by petrographic studies, demonstrates that at least three phases of copper-bearing potassic alteration are present.
Other topics include soil sampling, rock coring, borehole logging, and well installation; acquisition and interpretation of water-level data; methods and procedures for defining aquifer parameters; ground-water sampling and analysis; diagnosis of monitoring problems; health and safety considerations in ground-water monitoring investigations; and decontamination of field equipment.
Scintrex technologies include gravimeters, magnetometers, induced polarization, resistivity radiometrics and borehole logging as well as high-resolution cesium magnetic instruments.
Tenders are invited for Gm Tube For Gamma Ray Borehole Logging