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1 Informal
Chiefly US a professional politician who controls a party machine or political organization, often using devious or illegal methods


1. Biology any of various protuberances or swellings in plants and animals
a. an area of increased thickness, usually cylindrical, that strengthens or provides room for a locating device on a shaft, hub of a wheel, etc
b. a similar projection around a hole in a casting or fabricated component
3. an exposed rounded mass of igneous or metamorphic rock, esp the uppermost part of an underlying batholith
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A projecting ornament, usually richly carved and placed at the intersection of ribs, groins, beams, or at the termination of a molding.
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(1) Proprietor, entrepreneur.

(2) In the USA this term is also used for persons who head the apparatus of the Republican and Democratic parties in states and cities. Acting in the interests of monopolies, bosses frequently resort to bribes, threats, and blackmail during election campaigns in order to ensure the victory of candidates suitable to them.

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What does it mean when you dream about your boss?

Dreaming of one’s boss may indicate over involvement with work. Alternatively, it may represent a parental figure—the father if the boss is a man, and the mother if the boss is a woman.

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(design engineering)
Protuberance on a cast metal or plastic part to add strength, facilitate assembly, provide for fastenings, or so forth.
A large, irregular mass of crystalline igneous rock that formed some distance below the surface but is now exposed by denudation.
(naval architecture)
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boss, 1
1. A projecting, usually richly carved ornament placed at the intersection of ribs, groins, beams, etc., or at the termination of a molding.
2. In masonry, a roughly shaped stone set to project for carving in place.
3. To hammer sheet metal to conform to an irregular surface.
4. A protuberance on a pipe, fitting, or part designed to add strength, to facilitate alignment during assembly, to provide for fastenings, etc.
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Bridgport Operating System Software. A derivative of the ISO 1054 numerical machine control language for milling, etc.
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(1) (Open Source Software) Software that can be modified and recompiled by the user. See open source.

(2) (Operations Support Systems) An umbrella term for software that supports the telecommunications industry, but is not involved with the routine network operations of transmitting and switching data. OSS includes inventory management, CRM, middleware, performance monitoring, test & measurement and provisioning. B/OSS includes the billing. For more information, visit
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It does seem to me that having leadership skills is one of those areas in which women still have to be better than men in order to be recognized, because men can still get away with demanding followership without immediately being written off as bossy. Just last week, our "On Leadership" columnist Barry Goldberg told of a business owner who described himself as the "[Expletive] in Chief" because "being a jerk gets their attention."
Is that because my self-esteem has been damaged by my being branded bossy? NO!
So if a manager has a "bossy" employee -- like the nurse -- she can understand that the employee is perhaps driven by Command talents.
He put together Bossy Burger, 1991, with old stage sets from the television series Family Affair and The Hogan Family.
Bossy chooses not to pursue the latter development further, thereby stopping short of documenting the impact of Pietism and Methodism on the reconstruction of the moral tradition in the early modern era.
In going beyond existing sources, such as Bruno's published works and inquisition records, Bossy claims to have unearthed some previously unknown aspects of Bruno's personality.
That comment came after Mr Bossy Boots had finished only a length and a half behind the classy Speculative Bid in fourth in a course-and-distance handicap in April and the selection followed that with a close fourth to the subsequent Group 2-placed Lightning Spear over a mile at Lingfield.
"Brussels is too big, too bossy, and too interfering" - The Prime Minister.
THERE's something offensively bossy about the move to ban the word bossy here in America.
BEYONCE and Mrs Beckham want to ban the word bossy.
BEYONCE and Facebook CEO Sheryl Sandberg may be onto something with their new campaign, I'm Not Bossy, I'm the Boss.
London, March 11 ( ANI ): Beyonce Knowles has taken up charge in attempt to ban the use of word 'bossy' for girls.