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(networking, chat, World-Wide Web)
(From "robot") Any type of autonomous software that operates as an agent for a user or a program or simulates a human activity. On the Internet, the most popular bots are programs (called spiders or crawlers) used for searching. They access web sites, retrieve documents and follow all the hyperlinks in them; then they generate catalogs that are accessed by search engines.

A chatbot converses with humans (or other bots). A shopbot searches the Web to find the best price for a product. Other bots (such as OpenSesame) observe a user's patterns in navigating a website and customises the site for that user.

Knowbots collect specific information from websites.


(1) See robot and chatbot.

(2) (roBOT) A search engine program that indexes the Web. See spider.

(3) (roBOT) A program on the Internet that performs a repetitive function such as posting a message on blogs, newsgroups and social networks or searching for information. Bots reside in the background waiting to respond to certain conditions. The term bot is used for myriad "intelligent agents" that continuously or periodically perform some function. It is estimated that as much as 60% of Web traffic comes from bots and not humans. See social bot, spambot, chatbot, agent and trolling.

(4) (BOT) (Beginning Of Tape) The status of a tape file when it is first mounted in the drive. See BOF.

(5) (BOT) (Bulk-Only Transport) The early USB protocol for external storage drives. See UASP.
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However, it seems those pesky bots have become too clever for their own good, and have missed the obvious.
The latest platform enables developers to string together individual bots to create a multi-purpose, branded universal bot or virtual personal assistant (VPA) that communicates with multiple bots for a person.
Parents in New Mexico and across the country save up so they can surprise their kids with gifts at the holidays -- we cant let these Grinch Bots steal Christmas, Udall said.
The bots have come into the limelight after researchers discovered "scalpers" commanding armies of bots to snap up popular toys even before they are meant to be available for purchase.
On one customer website, the Distil analyst team recorded 4 million bad bot requests per hour, almost 10 times their normal level of traffic.
powerful bot networks (botnets) that can spread malware, generate spam, and
A year on from the Mirai botnet's first major attack - which brought much of the internet to a standstill -Norton reveals how the global botnet has grown and which countries and cities unwittingly played host to the greatest number of bot infections.
Perhaps the question of bots and engagement is not such a big issue because engagement really should be between the customer and all things that stand for the brand, including service but especially the experience of interacting with a product and all of its adjacencies.
Our bot is trained entirely through self-play," Brockman said.
A mistake that many firms make is focusing their bot development on marketing functions, selling more products," Aspect's Goebel says.
Users can design bots that range from simple conversational interactions to more complex functions and built-in integrations, such as action buttons, translation, payment processing and more - all without coding or technical skills required.
The BOT will function as a touchpoint to reach out to guests and share useful information.