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botanical garden,

public place in which plants are grown both for display and for scientific study. An arboretum is a botanical garden devoted chiefly to the growing of woody plants. The plants in botanical gardens are labeled, usually with both the common and the scientific names, and they are often arranged in cultural or habitat groups, such as rock gardens, aquatic gardens, desert gardens, and tropical gardens. Botanical gardens perform diversified functions, e.g., the collection and cultivation of plants from all parts of the world (which has made them increasingly important for protecting endangered plants), experimentation in plant breeding and hybridization, the maintenance of botanical libraries and herbariums, and the administration of educational programs for adults and children.

The two most important gardens in the United States are the New York Botanical Garden, Bronx Park, New York City (est. 1891) and the Missouri Botanical Garden, St. Louis, Mo. (est. c.1860 and affiliated with Washington Univ.). The Santa Barbara Botanic Garden, formerly Blaksley Botanic Garden, Santa Barbara, Calif. (est. 1926), is noted for its collection of desert and subtropical ornamental plants. Other well-known botanical gardens are the Arnold Arboretum, near Boston, Mass. (est. 1872 as part of Harvard); Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Brooklyn, N.Y. (est. 1910); Highland and Durand-Eastman parks, Rochester, N.Y.; Bartram's Gardens, Philadelphia (founded 1728); the United States Botanic Gardens (est. 1820) and the National Arboretum (est. 1927), Washington, D.C.; Fairchild Tropical Garden, Coconut Grove, Fla. (est. 1938); Fort Worth Botanic Garden, Fort Worth, Tex. (est. 1933); Rancho Santa Ana Botanical Garden, Anaheim, Calif. (est. 1927); Huntington Botanical Garden, San Marino, Calif; the botanical gardens at Ottawa, Montreal, and Toronto, Canada; and the numerous botanical gardens of Europe, including the Royal Botanic Gardens, known as Kew Gardens, London; and the Jardin des Plantes, Paris.


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Botanical garden

Greenhouse where a variety of plants are grown for recreational viewing
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botanical garden

[bə′tan·ə·kəl ′gär·dən]
An institution for the culture of plants collected chiefly for scientific and educational purposes.
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botanical garden

A garden in which a variety of plants are collected and grown for scientific study and display; often includes greenhouses for tropical material.
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The Chicago Botanic Garden features 27 gardens and four natural areas uniquely situated on 385 acres on and around nine islands, with six miles of lake shoreline.
As a student at Bangor University, she was involved in raising money and campaigning to support the botanic gardens. When she fulfilled her dream and became a lecturer at the University, she was deeply involved in the garden every day.
The mayor's office is not powerful enough to make decisions on seizing state land plots, and the botanic garden is a state property.
'I visited the Royal Botanic Garden of Edinburgh and they have agreed to sign an MOU with Penang,' he told reporters after a mock cheque presentation at St Paul's Church today.
Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI) is an organization representing a network of 500 botanic gardens in more than 100 countries, including the largest and most influential gardens in the sector.
Speaking at the foundation-stone laying ceremony of the development and up-gradation of the Botanic Garden in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, on Sunday, the environment minister said, "The garden is being developed and upgraded with the objectives of collection of plant species, research, training, environmental education, public awareness, aesthetics and entertainment through the protection of plant biodiversity."
After summing all different activities that each surveyed botanic garden referred to develop, different intervals were considered in order to define an index of educational activities: low (1 or 2 different activities), medium low (3 or 4 different activities), medium high (5 or 6 different activities) and high (7 or more different activities).
Salha al Mahrouqi, awareness and outreach administrator, Oman Botanic Garden said, "The Oman Botanic Garden provides visitors a journey through the heart of Oman as it would enable them to see all the vegetation from different parts of Oman in one place and in one day." The exhibits in the garden will be not just for display but also for education and research purposes, she added.
In addition, the Portmeirion Group Home Fragrance collection coordinates with dinnerware patterns, including Portmeirion Botanic Garden, Exotic Botanic Garden, Sophie Conran, Pomona and Spode Woodland, Spode Blue Italian and Royal Worcester Wrendale.
Comprising 70 acres of stunning scenery, just a stone's throw from the city centre, the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh captures the imagination of everyone who visits; from the gardener to the curious sightseer.
With interest from Kirkley Hall College in Northumberland, they envisaged keeping the botanic garden intact and opening it up more to the public and for educational purposes.