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bothie, bothy

1. A small cottage or hut, especially in northern England, Scotland, or Ireland.
2. A house for accommodating a number of workers for the same company, farmer, or employer.
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Bothies throughout the Highlands and Islands have been updated and repaired to the tune of PS108,000 to continue to offer a safe place for climbers out in the mountains, an annual review has said.
The campaign aims to raise awareness of issues surrounding bothies includling reports of antisocial behaviour, vandalism and fire.
Walkers and climbers have known about remote bothies - or mountain refuges - for years.
"And it represents a deserved nod to the wonderful Mountain Bothies Association, which offer free overnight accommodation with some of the best views possible."
Bothies, as we know them today, date back some 150 years.
He said: "The bothies are at rail level so if the fire were severe enough and the wind had caught it, it would have blown flames over the track and trains."
The Mountain Bothies Association spent hundreds of pounds to make it watertight for anyone needing shelter.
Scotland's bothies are increasingly being used by revellers, putting the safety of hillwalkers at risk.
Ms Bywater, 48, often stays in bothies during her expeditions.
Stone tents The Mountain Bothies Association, Scotland, Wales and northern England
| The Mountain Bothies Association are a charity who maintain about 100 shelters in some of the remotest parts of the UK.
For years, Iona has made the seasonal journey moving horses from one farm to the other, which takes three days' riding, and has stopped off to sleep in bothies along the way.