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bothie, bothy

1. A small cottage or hut, especially in northern England, Scotland, or Ireland.
2. A house for accommodating a number of workers for the same company, farmer, or employer.
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And it represents a deserved nod to the wonderful Mountain Bothies Association, which offer free overnight accommodation with some of the best views possible.
The one-off documentary hears from the couple who started the Mountain Bothies Association 50 years ago - providing shelter to adventurers, as well as some of the volunteers who help with maintenance and the hillwalkers, skiers and cyclists who use them.
Bothies, as we know them today, date back some 150 years.
Chairman of the Mountain Bothies Association Dr Colin Scales, said: "The decision to keep members of the public out is very distressing.
9) Ord's collection (dating from 1925 but not published until five years later) is called Bothy Ballads and Songs, though he, like Ford, did not use this title to describe a themed group of items from among the wider song tradition; rather, he rolled them all together as having been sung by men in the bothies, so that the term was 'just another name for folk-song'.
Bob Tateson, of Kinlochbervie, who maintains the former home for the Mountain Bothies Association, is going to lead the 14-mile walk to the bothy.
The first is for a five-bedroom bunkhouse and a further five bothies on land at Lanehead, behind Greystones.
But the 79 bothies scattered across Scotland's wildest countryside are the best sight in the world for generations of walkers and climbers seeking shelter in our great outdoors.
LIFE-SAVING mountain bothies face closure because yobs are using the shelters for wild parties.
The man responsible for keeping Scotland's bothies in shape travels hundreds of miles for his craft.
He explained: "It's now too easy to get to bothies.
The equipment will allow the search teams to detect signs of life in buildings such as in bothies and in densely forested areas.