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bothie, bothy

1. A small cottage or hut, especially in northern England, Scotland, or Ireland.
2. A house for accommodating a number of workers for the same company, farmer, or employer.
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Names can be added on the notice board in the bothy, or just phone the fishery.
The tasting lodge would be used by groups of up to 12 people to sample whisky and would house up to six people wishing to stay overnight for a traditional "bothy experience".
Sitting right behind the railway station at Blair Atholl, the Bothy Bar is the kind of place some Scottish folk might cringe at, with its swathes of plaid, taxidermy, mounted antlers and paintings of old steam locomotives (the Duchess of Atholl, naturally).
"This trend for the bothy has attracted a different type of user and we are concerned that health and safety on the hills is compromised and the integrity of the bothy lost.
There have been reports of vandalism and fires and one incident saw a group of hillwalkers requiring rescue from a hillside after being prevented access to a bothy full of revellers.
When Walter returned home to Scotland, he found his bothy had washed away.
With enough Wensleydale stone for the bothy and garden walls, Honley-based stone supplier Abacus stepped up to provide sandstone for other features, including the bothy lintels.
Fortunately, at this point the estate's manager Alastair Gibson started his normal check on the bothy and heard Gregor's call for help and they lifted Paul off the floor and back on to the bench.
DESIGNED by an architect, this impressive cottage in Haydon Bridge enjoys sweeping views across the Tyne Valley and comes with a an adjacent and self-contained two bedroom bothy, or smaller cottage.
The new residence is called the Bothy Cottage - "bothy" is a Scottish word for a small hut or cottage - and is located between two existing Sponsors homes for women.