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recommends you go for a bottled gas heater with a thermostat, although you should be aware that gas bottles are heavy and cumbersome.
According to Ceres, the company has successfully designed, built and tested an integrated FC system comprising a bottled gas supply, fuel processor and multi-layer stack.
An excellent choice for oxygen cylinders, fine instrument threads, valves on bottled gas and in oxygen systems.
However, more sophisticated distilling operations using bottled gas that leaves none of the tell-tale signs of turf smoke may also be making moonshiners more difficult to detect.
Typical approaches include the use of stack filters that trap up to 60% of particulates from boiler emissions, conversion of raw coal to coal briquettes (which release less fly ash when burned), central heating systems for urban buildings, and in some cases residents' use of bottled gas instead of coal.
For this reason, Paddock recommends use of an onsite nitrogen generator instead of bottled gas.
Meanwhile, Marguerite Kahri has constructed a paper landscape using material recycled from the landfill--including pulp and bottled gas.
Gas heaters may need burners checking and, where bottled gas is used, make sure you have a spare canister in case we have further cold weather.
But Estrada believes there will always be a substantial niche for bottled gas.
You can use a blowlamp which works off bottled gas or a hot air gun which is powered by electricity.
The salt bath is heated by means of bottled gas or gas tanks as there is no local gas supply.