bottom plate

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groundsill, ground beam, ground plate, mudsill, sole plate

In a framed structure, the sill which is nearest the ground or on the ground; used to distribute concentrated loads.
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Figures 15(a)-15(c) illustrate the stress blocks and forces of the concrete and steel at the ultimate loading stage for the three different retrofitting schemes, single bottom plate, top and bottom plates, and double bottom plates, respectively.
The response progresses are as follows: t [approximately equal to] 0.14 ms, the bottom plate has generated local large deformation; t [approximately equal to] 0.78 ms, the shock wave has reached the roof first time; thereafter, the shock wave reflects back from the roof.
In contrast, flat-plate systems are limited to using only part of the available flux, the portion along the top side of the bottom plate, meaning flat-plate systems need more energy to generate the same amount of motion.
We paint everything with acrylic latex paint--and I mean everything--all surfaces including the studs, the bottom plate, the interior of the SPF, everything, prior to the installation of the interior gypsum board lining.
When calculating the reliability index of the bottom plate, only vehicle load effect is taken into account because of the temperature gradient load producing compression stress, so the limit state equation can be represented as
The diameter of this tank is 15.5 m, height is 12.2 m, the material is SS400, the bottom plate is 9 mm in thickness, and the roof is of the corn-roof type.
Check the bottom plate. Turn the receiver onto the top plate.
Lay an 8-foot 1-by-2 on the longest stud on one of the end wall frames (built in the first installment) and position one end 3/4 inch (the smaller dimension of your 1-by-2) from the bottom edge of the end wall's bottom plate. Mark the top end of the 1-by-2 on both edges beneath the side wall frame's top plate and draw a line connecting the marks to pick up the angle.
The bottom plate design allows for simple, rapid and effective cleaning.
The lower copper plate, which simulated the bottom plate (the ingot), could move from the level of the separation section to the model bottom at the distance up to 110 mm (see Figure 1).