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see BejaïaBejaïa
, formerly Bougie
, city (1998 pop. 147,076), N Algeria, a port on the Gulf of Bejaïa (an arm of the Mediterranean Sea). The northern terminus of the Hassi Messaoud oil pipeline from the Sahara, Bejaïa is the principal oil port of the W
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, Algeria.
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Paul Hagen, Chief Operating Officer issued the following statement regarding the announcement: "The Vie Scope and Voir Bougie offers a safe, innovative, cost-effective, solution that allows EMS Providers to safely intubate the entire range of patients quickly with an outstanding first pass success rate."
Endoscopic dilation using balloon or bougie dilators are safe and effective for anastomotic oesophageal strictures.
Caption: Figure: Blood cloth removed with ETT after a bougie induced injury to the tracheal wall
Group 1 underwent sleeve gastrectomy via 12-Fr bougie; group 2 underwent sleeve gastrectomy via 8-Fr bougie; group 3 underwent sleeve gastrectomy via 12-Fr bougie followed by fibrin sealant (Tisseel[R] fibrin sealant; Baxter, Deerfield, Illinois, USA) application around the gastrectomy line; and group 4 underwent sleeve gastrectomy via 8-Fr bougie followed by fibrin sealant application around the gastrectomy line.
Although bougie-guided nasal intubation has been described by several authors, only few randomised controlled trials have compared nasal intubation with and without bougie in terms of severity of bleeding.
Our search strategy for MEDLINE (PubMed) was (Esophageal stenosis OR Esophageal Stenoses OR Esophageal Stricture) AND (Balloon OR dilatation OR savary OR bougie OR pneumodiltation OR pneumodilation).
The SG was created using a linear stapler applied alongside a 36 Fr bougie strictly positioned against the lesser curve.
A bougie calibration tube was placed along the lesser curvature, and the greater curvature blood supply was divided with radiofrequency sealing, beginning 5 cm from the pylorus.
Direct pharyngoscopy revealed three hypopharyngeal strictures (figure, A), each of which was incised, and then the pharyngoesophageal segment was dilated with a 50 Fr bougie along with a 54 Fr balloon.
Edwina Bougie, on behalf of the members, thanked the ladies of the church for a meal enjoyed by all.
* Emergency equipment's and drugs were kept ready (malleable bougie, stylet, airway, laryngoscope.
The equipment for BIU includes Bougie, apparatus for urethrectomy, and guidance wire.