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1. another word for bine
2. Music another word for tie
3. Fencing a pushing movement with the blade made to force one's opponent's sword from one line into another
4. Chess a position in which one player's pawns have a hold on the centre that makes it difficult for the opponent to advance there



(1) To link, join, connect or associate one element with another as in the following examples.

(2) To link subroutines in a program. Applications are often built with the help of many standard routines or object classes from a library, and large programs may be built as several program modules. Binding puts the pieces together. Symbolic tags are used by the programmer in the program to interface to the routine. At binding time, the tags are converted into actual memory addresses or disk locations. See linker and bindings.

(3) To link any element, tag, identifier or mnemonic with another so that the two are associated in some manner. For example, key bindings link a physical keyboard key to a numeric code that is generated when pressed. See alias and map.

(4) (BIND) (Berkeley Internet Name Domain) The most widely used DNS server software. The Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) offers a reference implementation of BIND, which is available at See DNS.

(5) In a communications network, to establish a software connection between one protocol and another. Data flows from the application to the transport protocol to the network protocol to the data link protocol and then onto the network. Binding the protocols creates the internal pathway. See OSI model.

Binding Protocols in Windows
This Windows Network control panel shows bindings for the network and the modem. The NetBEUI and TCP/IP protocols are bound to the Ethernet adapter data link protocol for a LAN connection, and TCP/IP is also bound to the dial up adapter for Internet connection via modem.
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Before I had the chance to retort that they were hardly pretty enough to be cheeky about my mug, I had to bound off to do my bit.
5 million Automation of signaling at the North Geelong C-Signal Box, providing improved access to the Geelong Grain Loop and 24 hour access to and from the Sea Lake and Manangatang Lines; $95,000 Princes Freeway, Beach Road off ramp improvements involving modification to the kerb and channel to improve truck access into Beach Road; and $171,000 ($85,000 contribution from the Commonwealth Government s Heavy Vehicle Safety and Productivity program) North Geelong, Bayside Road intersection improvements including construction of a right turn lane on the Princes Highway north bound off ramp and widening of the curve on the Princes Highway south bound off ramp.
City of Moreno Valley/Riverside County Transportation Commission (RCTC) Cactus Avenue third lane widening in the city of Moreno Valley, from Interstate 215 east bound off ramp to 1,000 feet east of Veterans Way ($560,000 Prop 1B/local funds).