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A circle is drawn with B boundary points. Chords are drawn from each boundary point to every other boundary point.
Definition 7 (Hole Boundary Points (HBP)): HBPs are the intersection points of nodes' sensing discs around a coverage hole, which develop an irregular polygon by connecting adjacent points.
Schematic of boundary point determination criteria (a), azimuth angle prediction (b), lost-step (c), adaptive step size adjustment (d), moving least squares (MLS) method (e), and planning local scanning path (f).
(a) Contour of CC (black) and three boundary points marked by the centers of circles (blue).
If the Nr is too small, some valid boundaries will not be detected where the point density is large; on the contrary, if the Nr is too large, the boundary points will contain more noise, which will influence the accuracy of 3D model badly.
The spline-interpolation solution is particularly effective in comparison with the FEM for the bodies with singular boundary points, for example, cones [14].
According to the major axis and minor axis' lengths of each original segmented nucleus, the corresponding ellipse is obtained and we select 12 boundary points with the same interval ([pi]/6).
D.I.KHAN -- Security forces Wednesday evening here gunned down a suicide bomber before he could hit the check post in Chudwan area, situated at the boundary point connecting D.I Khan district with tribal belt, local police said.
For each sampled point on the circle, its nearest boundary point is found and lined to it.
A grid point is called a boundary point if i = 0,I or j = 0, J; otherwise, it is called an interior point.
This could be done by using boundary point tracking algorithm [17].
Without loss of generality, one can consider only the left boundary point [u.sub.0] = ch, 0 < c < 1, if [U.sub.t] takes value only from [0,1].