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city (1990 pop. 36,659), Davis co., N central Utah; inc. 1892. It is a residential suburb N of Salt Lake City with some farming and floral nurseries; machinery and motor vehicles are produced. Bountiful was settled by Mormons in 1847.
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Various religions were just different human responses to the one divine Ultimate Reality and their existence displayed God's generosity and bountifulness, Zed pointed out.
On hand there is a real sense of bountifulness about your situation, so why are you feeling so worried Cancer?
As mere ants in God's divine scheme, the Atuot almost certainly believed that the building of the Jonglei Canal was the result of some young man who had bragged about the bounty of the Nile or of the bountifulness of his crops thus bringing on Decau's wrath.
Bland on the greensward, divested amid verdure, 'undecked save with herself', the narrow virginal instrument, Eve, assumes the plenitude and bountifulness of motherhood.