Descriptive of a baluster whose profile is the same at both its upper and lower ends.
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It is not only a part of the ceiling; it is rather the whole ceiling which is full of cracks and is bow-shaped.
This season, Hobeika also opted for his trademark bow-shaped belts.
The knit leggings were sold sizes 1 1/2 to 8 years and have a plastic belt with bow-shaped buckle.
She knew they wanted to hear her all her hits and obliged beautifully, sashaying along a bow-shaped walkway which brought her into the crowd and laying on fireworks, glitter and lasers with abandon.
Dressed in a scarlet coat with a bow-shaped brooch, she appeared to be in good spirits and smiled broadly as she thanked staff and shook hands with a nurse.
The landmark, bow-shaped building that incorporates a road and pedestrian access between the Mall to its southwest, and Trafalgar Square to its northeast, has been leased to an investment company for 99 years by the British government.
Though every effort was made to identify and repatriate them, many were buried in three Halifax cemeteries, the ship's bow-shaped lay-out of 121 graves in Fairview Cemetery being a most poignant sight for the thousands of visitors.
Tavi also got quite a bit of Internet buzz when she appeared at a fashion show with a large bow-shaped hat.
6 x 13m triple V units, held in bow-shaped form by three Dywidag tension rods, the roof's prefabrication also included installation of acoustic and fire insulation and sprinkler branches.
He would place the sack across the mouth of a small stream, secure it down with stones and use a bow-shaped stick to keep the sack open.
Her book shows pictures of a youthful Katie with bow-shaped lips, big eyes and a nose that looks very different to how it does today.