Descriptive of a baluster whose profile is the same at both its upper and lower ends.
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This 144km-long bow-shaped valley located in Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK), is known as the blue gem of Pakistan.
Rike Park is connected to Old Tbilisi by the bow-shaped Bridge of Peace: another Italian-designed marvel featuring curved steel, a glass canopy top and, at night, a light show of 1,000 twinkling LEDs.
figure By ALLAUDIN QURESHI A fascinating Indian painting by an unknown artist of the Kishangarh School of Art in Rajasthan is said to display Indian femininity at its best and is fondly referred to as the Mona Lisa of India.It features a maiden with a long chiselled nose, little quivering lips, tranquillising lotus eyes, bow-shaped eyebrows and a broad forehead on an elliptical face supported by a cylindrical tender neck.
'The piece has a serpentine front with a wide, central bow-shaped apron flanked by a drawer on either side,' Tinio said.
For example, Boyan Slat was a teenager when he conceived of the idea to anchor a massive bow-shaped floating barrier to the seabed to help clean up plastic pollution in the ocean.
There are two fortified gateways, eight huge towers and a great bow-shaped hall within its distinctive shape.
--Makoto Taguchi of Rikkyo University in Tokyo, on the recent observation of a bright, bow-shaped object in the atmosphere of Venus.
The models of a SUPRA-FLOW BX double belt oven for nonwovens and of the innovative ETRO bow-shaped dryer which is particularly suitable for the coating with PVC or adhesives show only two of the machines offered by Bruckner for the finishing of nonwovens and foils.
A MONSTER WAVE recently roiled Venus's atmosphere, forming a planet-spanning, bow-shaped feature.