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bowhead whale:

see right whaleright whale,
name for whales of the family Balaenidae. They were so named by whalers, who for centuries considered them "the right whales" to hunt, because they float when killed and because they yield enormous quantities of oil and of baleen.
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And elsewhere in the bay, canoeists were joined by bowhead and orca whales in the clear blue-green water.
Key words: bowhead whale; Balaena mysticetus; beluga whale; Delphinapterus leucas; Arctic; Beaufort Sea; habitat; aerial survey; feeding
The bowhead, which has the largest mouth among living animals, sing intricate and variable songs during the blackness of the 24-hour polar night.
London [U.K.], July 14( ANI ): In a new threat to a number of Arctic animals like polar bears, bowhead whales and other such animals, the United States (US) has permitted an Italian multinational oil and gas company to go ahead with drilling plans in federal waters off Alaska.
During the spring migration, bowhead whales typically begin arriving in the Barrow (now Utqiagvik), Alaska, area in early April and continue migrating through until late June (Moore and Reeves, 1993).
A useful example of the difficulties generated by both subsistence and cultural arguments is the controversy surrounding bowhead whales in Alaska.
That is, until every September when, on Barter Island in the Arctic, up to Barter p to 80 polar bears gather to feast on the remains of bowhead whales which have been caught by hunters.
Every year, up to eighty polar bears gather on the frozen shores of Barter Island to feast on the hunter-harvested bowhead whale remains.
Every year, up to 80 polar bears gather on the frozen shores of Barter Island to feast on the hunterharvested bowhead whale remains.
baked whitefish with rendered seal oil, caribou stew, carious Alaskan mammals, such as bowhead whale or beluga blubber.