bowhead whale

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bowhead whale:

see right whaleright whale,
name for whales of the family Balaenidae. They were so named by whalers, who for centuries considered them "the right whales" to hunt, because they float when killed and because they yield enormous quantities of oil and of baleen.
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The Bowhead Whale Feeding Ecology Study (BOWFEST) was initiated in May 2007 through an interagency agreement (formal title: "The bowhead whale feeding variability in the western Beaufort Sea: feeding observations and oceanographic measurements and analyses") between the U.S.
The Great Polar Bear Feast Astonishing story of how every early September, up to 80 polar bears gather on the shores of Barter Island in Alaska to feast on bowhead whale remains.
baked whitefish with rendered seal oil, caribou stew, carious Alaskan mammals, such as bowhead whale or beluga blubber.
Arvia'juaq is "an island shaped like a big bowhead whale." For many generations, Inuit families returned to camp and harvest its abundant marine resources including beluga whales, seals, walrus and fish.
An adventure of a lifetime through the Northwest Passage Pods of orca, beluga and the occasional bowhead whale, rafts of ringed, harp and bearded seals, herds of walrus, plus Arctic foxes and hares, musk ox and polar bears all inhabit this Canadian High Arctic region.
(A) Bowhead Whale: Threatened by potential oil spills, noise from offshore oil drilling, and collisions with ships.
Bowhead whale populations in the Low Arctic, for example, have climbed nearly every year since a 1982 international moratorium on commercial whaling.
His next project, though, is a movie about a Bowhead whale.
Debby Edwardson gives a beautiful account of how the Inupiat people link their survival and spirituality to the bowhead whale. The story centers around a little boy, Amiqqaq, who thinks that he can see the "spirit" of a captured whale, and explores how Amiqqaq shares his vision with his family.