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It consists of a gold nanoring and bowtie antenna at the center (BCR), both of which have been previously and thoroughly studied [11,14].
The bowtie antenna could be a good candidate to replace the dipole antenna.
It uses a modified bowtie antenna to collect the electromagnetic energy coming from UHF RFID systems, and Schottky diodes for the RF-to-DC conversion.
To improve the single polarization characteristics of a bowtie antenna, a cross bowtie structure is adopted to implement a dual-polarized absorber.
In this section, a simple bowtie antenna made of Cu is placed above the graphene-based AMC ground plane, as shown in Figures 6(a) and (b).
An SBH is comprised of a slotline transmission line that gradually flares into a folded bowtie antenna. The slotline consists of a slot between two conducting plates.[2] Typically, it is fabricated with the plates mounted on a dielectric substrate, as shown in Figure 1.
Wideband Bowtie Antenna. A bow tie antenna in free space is designed to cover the wide bandgap of the abovementioned HIS.
Note that various antennas have been studied inside a cavity including cavity-backed bowtie antenna [18], loop antenna [19], and spiral antenna [20].
Ng, "Wideband millimeter-wave cavity-backed bowtie antenna," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol.
Electromagnetic radiation is received only within two dielectric wavelengths of the center of a bowtie antenna supported by a dielectric substrate.|6~ This property of the bow-tie antenna allows for the extension of the bow arms for use as DC leads.
The planar dipole, loop, and bowtie antenna often reach single plane architecture [10-12].
We considered three antenna types: A homemade Vivaldi antenna, a linear polarized double-ridged horn antenna (BBHA 9120-F, Schwarzbeck Mess-Elektronik, Schonau, Germany) and a commercial bowtie antenna (400-MHz GSSI, Geophysical Survey Systems, Inc.,