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Qin, "Vibration analysis of steel-concrete composite box beams considering shear lag and slip," Mathematical Problems in Engineering, vol.
The two-lane bridge was 8.2 m (27 ft) wide and consisted of nine adjacent hollow-core box beams, 53.3 cm (21 in) deep by 91.4 cm (36 in) wide.
Xiao-Yan, "One dimensional finite element method for thin-walled curved box beam analysis including the shear lag effect," China Journal of Highway and Transport, vol.
(1) As it is also clear from previous analyses, CUF 1D models are able to foresee cross-sectional deformations, and thus local shell-like modes of the box beam are detected.
Workers delivered all six of the 57-foot (17.4-meter)-long girders to the site on one tractor-trailer, a clear efficiency benefit compared to the one girder per trailer that would have been necessary for shipping prestressed concrete box beams. Workers erected the six 42-inch (107-centimeter)-deep girders in less than 3 hours, compared to the 12 hours the contractor said it typically would take to install this number of box beams.
Box beam construction offers strong welds and greater rigidity for additional load carrying capacity with no flowering, enabling a three year longer lifespan than comparable pallets.
Construction of the Memorial began in March 2006 with preliminary work to cover the original box beam columns that outline the perimeters of the Twin Towers.
The central rotating assembly, which provides the centrifugal force necessary for separation, is mounted on a compact, welded box beam frame with main bearings at either end.
The SPE Automotive Division presented its Hall of Fame Award to the Ford Motor Company for the bumper box beam on its Ford Escort.
Structurally, the essential proposition is simple: a welded and bolted aluminium box beam spans simply from one building to the other; its section changes according to stresses and the geometry of the frames.
The secret is a series of threaded rods anchored in the foundation, running through bales, and extending through a continuous box beam. Diagonal bracing applied to both sides of the bales helps the walls resist lateral movement.
Featuring box beam construction, the pallet offers stronger welds and greater rigidity to eliminate flowering and breakage.