box stall

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box stall, loose-box

In barns or stables, an individual compartment in which an animal may move about freely.
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The product line consists of free-run horse exercisers, arena groomers, box stall systems, palpation chutes (stocks) and tack room accessories.
I leaned on the box stall watching the kids bump the lamb bottles and wag their tails as they sucked down their breakfast.
Johnston's Diamond Drew the coffin box stall one at Wolverhampton yesterday and was well beaten.
The 32x36 foot basement gives plenty of room for eight cows and a box stall for calves and for cows to freshen in.
A horse barn complex features five large box stalls, equipment barn and paddocks.
The renovated building will initially accommodate 30 box stalls for horses and 20 to 30 carriages for use by owners and tenants.