box stall

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box stall, loose-box

In barns or stables, an individual compartment in which an animal may move about freely.
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When my team included the mare, I always removed her harness and returned her to the box stall while I ate, so the colt could nurse.
This particular trailer had a dividing door between the box stalls and the dressing room with a 1 /2-inch opening at the bottom of the door and a 6-inch opening at the top.
We finally put her in a box stall by herself so she wasn't shoved and injured by the other cows, and Dad carried the milk bucket to the barn and milked her there.
Johnston's Diamond Drew the coffin box stall one at Wolverhampton yesterday and was well beaten.
The 32x36 foot basement gives plenty of room for eight cows and a box stall for calves and for cows to freshen in.
Every morning when I went out to the barn to milk my Saanen doe, Jane, she would greet me with expectant "ba-a-a-s" and be standing, white ears pricked forward, against the four-foot door of the horse box stall which was her home.
The facility has 28 spacious box stalls, a hay loft, a horse shower stall, a saddle room, an entry lobby with police desk, administrative office space, and separate locker rooms for the police.
Naylor converted the adjoining tack room into her bedroom, and two box stalls with their original doors still in place into bedrooms for visiting grandchildren.
6 Golden Spike Event Indoor arenas, outdoor stadium, box stalls,