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any member of a family of fishes, Ostraciidae, also called boxfishes, that have short triangular bodies covered by firmly united hexagonal bony plates. Only the jaw, the bases of the fins, and the tail protrude from this carapace, and the locomotion of these fishes is
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"I've shot with several underwater 360 rigs, and the Boxfish 360 is by far the most reliable and easiest to use," says Danny Copeland, freelance underwater filmmaker and Media Manager for the Manta Trust.
Boxfish doesn't walk, think or live like an old lady either.
Boxfish are highly maneuverable, but have low agility (Walker, 2000); whirligig beetles can rotate with high agility, but are not very maneuverable (Fish and Nicastro, 2003); freshwater painted turtles display intermediate values for both (Rivera et al., 2006).
Weihs, "Boxfishes (Teleostei: Ostraciidae) as a model system for fishes swimming with many fins: kinematics," Journal of Experimental Biology, vol.
On 25 January 2011, a boxfish was collected from off the northern Lebanese coast, in the vicinity of the Ramkine islet (34[degrees] 29' N; 35[degrees] 45' E) (Fig.
In 2009, The Boxfish Group did a comparison of audits conducted by FSC and SFI for an area covering 118 million acres of Boreal forests--59 million acres for each standard.
The Zighy Bay Dive Centre is managed by an experienced team from the renowned Extra Divers Worldwide offering instruction in SSI / CMAS and PADI and equipped to take out up to eight guests at a time to witness some of the incredible marine life at Zighy Bay including whale sharks, boxfish and sea turtles.
SCUBA gear was used primarily to harvest queen conch and spiny lobster and, to a lesser extent, hogfish; parrotfish; boxfish, Ostraciidae spp.; and queen triggerfish, B.
More recently, certain display screens such as those on the BlackBerry have been inspired by the way light shimmers from a butterfly's wing, and the body of the Honda Insight automobile, which displays remarkably low levels of drag, was inspired by the large but streamlined body of the boxfish.
Experts have named the yellow boxfish Mick because his puckered mouth resembles The Rolling Stones singer's famous pout.
Visitors will be able to admire a portrait of the zebra turkeyfish and a map of its range in the Pacific, for example, or learn that the white-spotted boxfish typically frequents tropical waters 1 meter to 30 m deep.
Designers see the polka-dot boxfish as the perfect shape for a new boxcar - described as 'bionic' because it will combine technology and biology.