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any member of a family of fishes, Ostraciidae, also called boxfishes, that have short triangular bodies covered by firmly united hexagonal bony plates. Only the jaw, the bases of the fins, and the tail protrude from this carapace, and the locomotion of these fishes is
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Jacks 0.05 Grunts 0.05 Mullets 0.05 Rabbitfishes 0.05 Needlefishes 1.1 Porcupinefishes 1.1 Sharks and Rays 1.1 Squirrelfishes 1.1 Sea Breams 1.1 Sharks 1.6 Boxfishes 1.6 Rays 1.6 Scorpionfishes 1.6 Surgeonfishes 2.7 Goatfishes 2.7 Moray Eels 2.7 Leatherjackets 3.8 Snappers 4.9 Unidentified 7.1 Wrasses 7.7 Emperors 7.7 Sea Basses 11.5 Parrotfishes 35.2 Note: Table made from bar graph.
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Pufferfishes belong to a group that includes the triggerfishes, boxfishes and ocean sunfishes.