brad set

brad punch, brad set

A nail set for small finishing nails or brads.
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Lauren and Brad set new ground rules for Josh and Amber's budding relationship.
NO MORE SCHOOL Neighbours Channel 5 Lauren and Brad set new ground rules for Josh's relationship with Amber - they are allowed to see each other, providing Josh does extra studying and gardening, and Amber works more hours at Harold's.
After hanging up his teaching cap in 1994, Brad set up the discount telecommunications firm together with his brother, Patrick.
Matt jumped in: 'Not really, no.' George added: 'Brad set the tone, he's such a movie star, it was very hard.They're fun people, except for Julia.We don't like her or her twins.'
Brad set the ball rolling on the Ocean's 12 set when he told the crew George wanted to be called by only his character name, Danny Ocean.