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see arrhythmiaarrhythmia
, disturbance in the rate or rhythm of the heartbeat. Various arrhythmias can be symptoms of serious heart disorders; however, they are usually of no medical significance except in the presence of additional symptoms.
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decrease in frequency of heart contractions to less than 60 beats per minute.

Bradycardia may be found as a normal, constitutionally conditioned phenomenon in perfectly healthy persons, in well-trained athletes, and as one of the symptoms in many diseases. More often, bradycardia is observed as a result of organic disturbances of auriculoventricular conductivity—heart blockage, myocardial infarction, and inflammatory (infectious or toxic) diseases of the heart muscle. Complete blockage of the heart with a pulse frequency of 30–40 beats per minute or less threatens brain complications: loss of consciousness, convulsions, and cessation of heart activity. Prophylaxis and treatment are directed toward removal of the cause.


Slow heart rate.
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Counsel patients about the possibility of lithium-induced symptomatic bradycardia as a routine addition to informed consent for lithium pharmacotherapy.
You should, however, know what symptoms are commonly associated with bradycardia.
They found that the incidence of hypotension and bradycardia were less in those who were given prophylactic ondansetron.
Another consultant midwife, Tracy Humphrey, told the police investigation: "I wouldn't expect any midwife to encounter the frequency of foetal bradycardias that she encountered in that time frame.
Hyper-salivation, hyper- lacrimation, increased bronchial secretion, hyperhidrosis, miosis, bradycardia, bronchospasm, abdominal pain and frequent urination were grouped as muscarinic symptoms.
The label adds that if a patient on amiodarone or Harvoni has no other alternative than to take that combination, patients should be counseled about the bradycardia risk.
DISCUSSION: Neonatal bradycardia is defined as HR less than 100 BPM.
Persistent bradycardia was not observed among these side effects; however, atrial fibrillation (at a dose of 0.
Bradycardia was reported in three of 34 patients who received high dose ribavirin.
This maintains excitable cells in a depolarized state, in which they behave like cholinergic agents and cause dose-dependent hypotension, bradycardia and respiratory-rate depression (3).
ESTATE'S CLAIM The nurses did not report decelerations to the ObGyn, and they were slow to notify him of the fetal bradycardia.