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see arrhythmiaarrhythmia
, disturbance in the rate or rhythm of the heartbeat. Various arrhythmias can be symptoms of serious heart disorders; however, they are usually of no medical significance except in the presence of additional symptoms.
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decrease in frequency of heart contractions to less than 60 beats per minute.

Bradycardia may be found as a normal, constitutionally conditioned phenomenon in perfectly healthy persons, in well-trained athletes, and as one of the symptoms in many diseases. More often, bradycardia is observed as a result of organic disturbances of auriculoventricular conductivity—heart blockage, myocardial infarction, and inflammatory (infectious or toxic) diseases of the heart muscle. Complete blockage of the heart with a pulse frequency of 30–40 beats per minute or less threatens brain complications: loss of consciousness, convulsions, and cessation of heart activity. Prophylaxis and treatment are directed toward removal of the cause.


Slow heart rate.
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Take their pulse and assess whether they have tachycardia or bradycardia.
Over 50 per cent of the patients hospitalised with bradycardia resumed taking their cholinesterase inhibitor after being discharged.
According to the guidance, titled "Dual-chamber pacemakers for symptomatic bradycardia due to sick sinus syndrome and/or atrioventricular block", NICE estimates that the cost to the NHS of implementing these recommendations will range from GBP8 million to GBP10 million per year (section 6.
Even though bradycardia is recognised as a major cause of non-accidental falls, particularly in the elderly, less than 250 people per million of population receive a pacemaker in South Wales compared with 640 per million in France.
Holter monitoring showed sinus bradycardia (minimum heart rate was 45 beats/min in sleepiness, 47 beats/min in wakefulness), first degree atrioventricular block, and prolonged QT interval (0.
He had a slow heart rate (32 beats per minute) and high blood pressure (174/90 mm Hg), and an electrocardiogram recorded on admission showed sinus bradycardia with junctional escape complexes (Figure).
This report describes a case of sudden profound bradycardia and transient asystole during lumbar microscopic discectomy, which required initial cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) in the prone position.
Intuniv's labeling will contraindicate its use in patients with a history of hypersensitivity to guanfacine, hypotension, bradycardia, or syncope.
Most nursing programs teach that hypokalemia is associated with tachycardia and hyperkalemia is associated with bradycardia.
To the Editor: We have found that relative bradycardia is a notable clinical feature of dengue fever in Singapore.
Reserve true "crash" C-sections for cases of sustained fetal bradycardia of 60 beats per minute (BPM) or less.
Bradycardia - an abnormally slow or unsteady heart rhythm - causes dizziness, fainting and loss of consciousness and is recognised as a major cause of non-accidental falls in the elderly.