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corbel, 2
brick wall having a corbel, 1
1. In masonry, a projection or one of a series of projections, each stepped progressively outward with increasing height, and usually projecting from a wall or chimney; serves as a support for an overhanging member or course, 1 above, or as a purely decorative element.
2. A projecting stone that supports a superincumbent weight.
3. A heavy bracket, often decorated, that is set into an adobe wall to act as a bearing surface to support a roof beam.
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Witnessing many cases of neglect over the years, Bragger said the reasons behind mistreatment range from people relocating without their dogs, to people buying puppies without realising that they will grow into large dogs that need training.
9 Bragger U, Hirt-Steiner S, Schnell N, Schmidlin K, Salvi GE, Pjetursson B, et al.
Por otro lado, Bragger et al, en 1992, (9) reportaron que despues de 6 meses de cicatrizacion del aumento de corona clinica, los tejidos periodontales se encontraron estables, y con minimos cambios en la posicion del margen gingival.
He is a compulsive bragger, who brags about his fishing and hunting exploits.
She, too, is a product of her environment, the daughter of the phenomenal TJ (Tommy) Smith, who came from nothing, starting with his bush horse Bragger, to become champion trainer of New South Wales a scarcely credible 33 years in a row.
He recently was awarded the Bragger, my own invention for anyone who has a South Bank Show about them.
Magistrate Roger Bragger said local people were furious at the graffiti, which appeared in the run-up to Armistice Day and said: "This will bring home to this lad just how horrified people are.
Another cruelly replied that Mike lacked Bill's charisma but that like the former American president, he was a bit of a bragger.