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corbel, 2
brick wall having a corbel, 1
1. In masonry, a projection or one of a series of projections, each stepped progressively outward with increasing height, and usually projecting from a wall or chimney; serves as a support for an overhanging member or course, 1 above, or as a purely decorative element.
2. A projecting stone that supports a superincumbent weight.
3. A heavy bracket, often decorated, that is set into an adobe wall to act as a bearing surface to support a roof beam.
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Extending this concept based upon results of studies evaluating the relationship between information seeking and uncertainty (Bragger et al.
Elsewhere, Christie reworks Human League's Louise into a bona-fide tearjerker, Jarvis Cocker's Born To Cry, and Danger Is A Woman In Love, written by unknown Sheffield songwriter Martin Bragger. It's one of the album's highlights.
The TP9 US is produced by Bragger & Thomet AG in Switzerland and I would guess in that country where the government trusts their honest citizens, the Swiss version is fully automatic.
Don't be a know-it-all or a bragger. Humility will go a long way.
David George Bragger, 55, originally from the Durham and Newcastle areas, died alone in his flat in the city centre of Hull.
Considering it part of the bragger's personality, Hassan said, "Leave it at that." Dr, Brodkin said to tell him that "friendship isn't really about a list of achievements.")
"The show presents a lot of issues that people need to look at," says 82-year-old Lydia Bragger, Media Watch chair-person for the Gray Panthers, a national organization that lobbies against, among other issues, age discrimination.
Helen Bragger, manager of K9 Friends, told Gulf News the dogs can live in the shelter for a few days to as long as a few years.
The PPP stalwart went on to say that the prime minister has suffered imprisonment and exile for democracy and his respected wife Begum Kulsoom Nawaz had to mobilize people in his absence while most of the people (from PML-N) remained in the comfort of their homes.Lashing out at the interior minister, Shah said any tees mar khan (bragger) will become goat from elephant within 15 days of any agency's captivity.