Brain Trust

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Brain Trust

Brain Trust, the group of close advisers to Franklin Delano Roosevelt when he was governor of New York state and during his first years as President. The name was applied to them because the members of the group were drawn from academic life. This informal advisory group on the New Deal included Columbia Univ. professors Raymond Moley, Adolf A. Berle, Jr., and Rexford G. Tugwell and expanded to include many more academicians. It soon disintegrated, but the term has remained in common usage for similar groups.


See study by R. G. Tugwell (1968).

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He is the founder and President of the Brain Foundation and also the Brain Trust Charity, the World Memory Championships, and the World Championships of the Brain.
Knowing the areas where you are weakest, and reaching out to find people who are skilled and strong in those areas builds a strong foundational brain trust around you.
The Yemeni scientist received this global prestigious award at a ceremony held in London and attended by Yemeni ambassador to the UK, President of the Brain Trust Charity Tony Buzan and the Charity's Executive Director Raymond Nii, as well as members of the British Royal Society of Science and a number of princes and members of the British House of Lords.
In addition to employing them on specific productions on the Rep stage, artistic director Mark Clements plans to employ the associate artists as a talent pool and a brain trust, and will gather them together each year for an artistic retreat.
I sought advice from industry peers - my brain trust - to get their views on 2012 and for some "now is an excellent time to go shopping", provided finance is in place.
Mark Conahan's dark satiric musings regarding Hopeless Old Men on Skateboards appear to be infecting the brain trust of conventional mainstream media.
The new Food Safety Agency is going to include a Risk Evaluation Center, a research unit, called a "brain trust" by the Minister, employing 30 people.
The powerhouse group goes by the name of The Brain Trust, six African-American women who devoted themselves to raising funds and awareness of brain tumors and neurosurgery.
The internet is a brain trust composed of millions of minds cumulatively affecting the direction of electronically interrelated network as a whole.
"It took nearly a week before it dawned on the paper's brain trust that maybe people had good reason for their vexation," Pitts writes.
As an entrepreneur or small business owner, you need a "brain trust," a coterie of professionals whose expertise and judgment you value highly, that can help you think through ideas and strategies for your business.