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Brain Trust

Brain Trust, the group of close advisers to Franklin Delano Roosevelt when he was governor of New York state and during his first years as President. The name was applied to them because the members of the group were drawn from academic life. This informal advisory group on the New Deal included Columbia Univ. professors Raymond Moley, Adolf A. Berle, Jr., and Rexford G. Tugwell and expanded to include many more academicians. It soon disintegrated, but the term has remained in common usage for similar groups.


See study by R. G. Tugwell (1968).

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Reveling in their new-found powers, the Brain Trusters took great delight in dictating not only the price of gold, but of virtually everything else, as well.
Roosevelt's brain trusters on the left to Catholic corporatists on the right, Americans considered him a social reformer.
Or consider another Bennett staffer, Chester Finn Jr.--also one of those Education Department brain trusters and an employee of Chris Whittle's private-school venture, the Edison Project.