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the process of using heat to prepare foods for consumption.

Many common cooking methods involve the use of oil. Frying is cooking in hot oil; sautéing is cooking in a small amount of oil; stir-frying
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Veggies take pride of place in the Nirasaki lunch kit, for example, mildly sweet braised pumpkin that could actually be a main dish, or bitter gourd that's tasty with ground pork.
The Regent Taipei Braised Pork Sauce uses premium local pork belly and unique marinade.
The braised ox cheek main was a deep, luscious mountain of meat cooked so that it fell apart.
TRY WITH Braised chicken (at left) or other roasted or braised meats, and in salads and risotto.
d I'll go so far as to say that I almost prefer a nicely braised deer shank to the vaunted backstrap ...
Menu includes Creamy Onion and Bacon Tart; Marinated Beet and Celery Root Salad; Salmon Fillet With Horseradish Beurre Blanc and Braised Lentils or Fresh Sauerkraut Braised in Riesling with Braised Pork Loin, Strasbourg Sausage and Fall Vegetables; Elderflower Eau de Vie Cow's Milk Cheese and Candied Hazelnuts; and Warm Apple Custard Cake With Cider Caramel and Whipped Cream.
When the minced beef has cooled a little, stir in chilled, braised beef and mix.
Another great attraction at the buffet was their grilled salmon, braised with fennel and cooked in mushroom broth.
For our main course, we opted for braised beef short ribs with green beans and balsamic shallots served with crusty baguette bread.
On the menu you will find gourmet items such as the foie gras, free range otway pork belly accented with seared Atlantic scallops, braised fennel, apple and a calvados glaze and the Wagyu brisket braised in Shiraz and liquorice served with snail ragout garlic puree.