brake horse power

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brake horse power (bhp)

The useful mechanical power supplied by an engine as determined by a friction brake or an absorption dynamometer that is applied to the shaft or fly-wheel of the engine.
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Then the engine management system was chipped and a race- bred induction kit added to boost the car's brake horse power and a dumb valve fitted to aid acceleration and prevent any turbo lag.
The engine also gives a whacking 150 brake horse power - more than enough to give the Alfa decent street cred.
The performance of the big Ford can be quite impressive - with close to 200 brake horse power.
On paper the brake horse power per ton should be similar whichever route the competitor follows.
The Accelerator can test for sprint time, speed, plus horsepower and brake horse power - as well as showing people where they would finish if taking part in Usain Bolt's 100m world record race.
Addition, the Group won a sales order for a 6,000 brake horse power (bhp) Anchor Handling Towing Supply (AHTS) vessel from a new customer headquartered in Vietnam, an emerging player with a robust reputation in the ship agency services and service broking business.
Weighing in at 2685-lb and with a brake horse power of 1244, the Venom holds the Guinness World Record for production-car acceleration - 0-300 km/h in 13.
The Mark Five boasted 108 brake horse power and could do more than 100mph.
He brought glory to Britain in 1983 when he travelled in his vehicle Thrust 2 at more than 633mph across the Nevada Desert in the USA Some 14 years later his team and the 100,000 brake horse power Thrust SSC vehicle become the first car to reach 763mph - or Mach 1.
FAST FACTS F1 CAR FACTS: Cost: About pounds 2million each Top speed: about 230mph 0-60: less than 2 seconds Maximum power: About 800 brake horse power Fuel efficiency: About 4 miles per gallon PHOENIX RACING TEAM CAR FACTS: Cost: pounds 5,000 Top speed: 100mph 0-60mph: In about 3 seconds Maximum power: 70 brake horse power Fuel efficiency: About 35 miles per gallon IN THE WORKSHOP: Dan Priestman, Rick Patel and Josh Parker
Last year's champion recorded 1011 brake horse power in their lime green, twin turbo Lamborghini Gallardo and this year's winner be challenged to beat this record.
4l turbo Toyota Starlet which had it's turbo cranked up to the maximum and other modifications which meant it was capable 140 brake horse power.