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brake light

a red light attached to the rear of a motor vehicle that lights up when the brakes are applied, serving as a warning to following drivers

Brake Light


a light signal on a motor vehicle, trolley car, or similar vehicle that warns the drivers behind that the vehicle is braking. One brake light is situated at each side of the motor vehicle and is usually integrated with the taillights; the two lights are connected by a switch with the brake system’s pneumatic or hydraulic circuit. When the brake pedal is pressed, the diaphragm of the brake switch bends under the pressure of compressed air or brake fluid and closes a pair of contacts, thus switching on the brake lights. Brake lights are equipped with red diffusing lenses. The light intensity in the direction of the optical axis should be not less than 40 international candles. Brake lights with dual intensity modes for daytime and night driving are also produced.

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Not having either, I resorted to a few sharp taps with the hammer to sort out the flashing brake lights.
Later they said I hadn't bought a pay and display ticket but I was more concerned about not having any brake lights.
If the ductwork is damaged, the brake will not function when a driver presses the brake pedal, but the brake lights may turn on, they said.
Results of vehicle inspections during National Car Care Month found: * 8 percent of vehicles inspected needed work on at least one of their turn signals * 6 percent of vehicles had problems with at least one of their brake lights * 5 percent of vehicles failed their side light inspection * 1 percent of vehicles failed the inspection for their headlights, parking lights, tail lights, backup lights and license plate lights.
The spokesman said: "Some rear fog lights throw off an intense light which obscure brake lights when they come on suddenly, especially on motorways.
When a BMW 6-Series brakes normally, following drivers will see the brake lights illuminate.
The driver must have been very disorientated because there was no sign of any brake lights or of the car swerving
Police said one French driver had not taken a daily rest break, one rig had inoperative trailer brakes and a third no brake lights.
These include intersection collision warning, curve speed warning, rollover warning, emergency electronic brake lights and many others.
The models feature new bumpers front and back, restyled foglamps and indicators, and brake lights that vary in intensity.
Hoping to avoid the ticket and hefty fine, the man argued, unsuccessfully, that he was simply trying to avoid a sudden sea of brake lights ahead.
Volkswagen has determined that a potentially faulty switch could cause the brake lights to become inoperative or stay on while driving and/or after the car is parked.