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brake light

a red light attached to the rear of a motor vehicle that lights up when the brakes are applied, serving as a warning to following drivers

Brake Light


a light signal on a motor vehicle, trolley car, or similar vehicle that warns the drivers behind that the vehicle is braking. One brake light is situated at each side of the motor vehicle and is usually integrated with the taillights; the two lights are connected by a switch with the brake system’s pneumatic or hydraulic circuit. When the brake pedal is pressed, the diaphragm of the brake switch bends under the pressure of compressed air or brake fluid and closes a pair of contacts, thus switching on the brake lights. Brake lights are equipped with red diffusing lenses. The light intensity in the direction of the optical axis should be not less than 40 international candles. Brake lights with dual intensity modes for daytime and night driving are also produced.

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MechOptix Inc, a sensor company focused on safety, has launched its Stoptix Automatic Bicycle Brake Light as a replacement bulb.
GM knew about the brake light problems early in 2008.
The Brake Light Stick is currently in Patent Pending status within the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
Pressure from the electric actuator is applied to the trailer brakes the instant the brake lights are illuminated, whereas surge brakes have a lag as the weight of the trailer surges forward, transferring pressure to the coupler.
The condition ''could cause the brake lights to remain on or, if the deformation is significant, the brakes could become partially engaged due to contact from the bracket,'' it said.
The data, gathered during rush hour periods, found that commercial vehicles made up 20% of the overall result, while 6% of all offenders were spotted with no brake lights working at all.
If I had, I might have seen the brake lights of the car in front of him and predicted the car in front of me would also brake.
If a police car is passing nearby, suddenly brake lights go on and, sheepishly, all such drivers will literally drive at 25mph in a 30mph zone.
They feature a solid-steel trailer chassis, tail and brake lights, and heavy-duty, off-road-capable suspensions designed to prevent catching on rocks or other terrain features.
The gang, who allegedly cut their brake lights so motorists behind them would have no warning, are thought to have made an average claim of pounds 20,000 per incident.
Brake lights are an essential piece of auto equipment, but they don't relay much information.
Somewhere in that range is room for a man who risks looking bad on two injured legs and winds up hitting a home run that sets a town aglow in red brake lights.