brake parachute

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deceleration parachute

A parachute attached to aircraft and deployed to slow it, especially during landing. Also called a brake parachute, drogue parachute, tail chute, or parabrake. See braking parachute.

tail parachute

tail parachute
A parachute(s) fitted normally on combat or experimental aircraft and meant to reduce the landing run and/or the float after rounding off. A tail chute is located in the rear portion of the aircraft and provides a steady deceleration of 0.25 to 0.35 g. The tail chutes, however, become relatively inefficient at slower forward speeds. These are jettisoned either at the end of a landing run or when the aircraft has slowed down sufficiently. In some installations, they are automatically retracted at low speeds. Also known as a brake parachute or a drag chute.
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Total quantity or scope: The specific amount of the brake parachute systems will be defined during the execution of the framework agreement and will depend on the current needs of the Employer and within the approved budget.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Brake Parachute Hybrid For Lca Tejas Along With Spare Standard Accessories A Brake P
It has a full safety cell, with a Hans device to support the driver's neck, and also carries three fire extinguishers and two brake parachutes.