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brattishing, brandishing, bretisement

A decorative cresting at the top of a Gothic screen, panel, parapet, or cornice, generally in the form of openwork of a stylized floral design.
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There were other "Brandish" games that came out after the original SNES title, but none of them were ever ported to the states aside from the original.
Brandish Cup, third round (to be played on Tuesday,6.30pm): Attleborough v Standard A at Sphinx, Foleshill Gas B v Bell Green at Bedworth No1, Dunlop B v Lime Tree A at Bedworth No2, Bedworth C v Copsewood A at Foleshill Gas, Potters Green A v Newdigate A at Copsewood, Stockingford AA v Coundon A at Bell Green, Copsewood B v Sphnx A at Dunlop No1, Walsgrave A v Walsgrave B at Standard.
Brandish, 42, carried out the thefts last year at Towse Court supported living home in Goring-on-Thames, Oxon, a court heard.
That day, in front of Rockefeller Plaza, where the network has an outdoor set and where hundreds of people brandish signs and posters, wave, send personal messages, and moan in collective hysteria as soon as the camera gets them in a shot, we suddenly see a sweet little pink poster: GUY DEBORD IS SO COOL!
The club's Under 9s will get help from the car giants to support the fund-raising initiative after being nominated by local dealers W Brandish and Sons.
ALAN Stubbs says it's a disgrace that foreign players brandish the invisible card to the ref, well perhaps he should have a word with Arteta then.
'It is worrying that someone should brandish such a weapon on the streets, ' he said.
Mesquite, Texas, brandish his handgun, and demand money from a frightened, compliant clerk.
Passing sentence Judge Tony Lancaster said he accepted Ramshaw, who has a large number of previous convictions, did no more than brandish the weapon.
Mr Lionel Brandish, aged 58, and convicted forger Anthony Spencer (51) were acquitted of conspiracy to supply amphetamines and cannabis at Birmingham Crown Court.
Eavesdropping equipment was also used to secretly monitor the activities of Lionel Brandish and Anthony Spencer who were allegedly at the top of the large-scale enterprise involving amphetamines and cannabis.
A simultaneous dance with fans has Cummings brandish a raffia fan with the flair of a joyous participant in a Southern Christian church service alongside a stately pacing Kikuchi, who handles a folded paper fan.