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brashy, short-grained

Descriptive of weak, brittle wood that has little resistance to shock or bending and usually breaks quite abruptly.
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Now it's trashy, brashy lazy girls who can't be bothered doing their hair, putting make-up on, and dressing nicely.
Brashy Soil--Soil composed almost entirely of coarse, angular rock fragments, with fine soil matter filling the interstices.
Amsterdam, on the other hand, sadly is often seen as a purple stretch limo of a city, perfect for a brashy, trashy stag weekend.
With the exception of that one lapse of taste and judgement I have no intentions of forsaking my natural brunette tresses for a bold, brashy and fake head of sunshine, which all too often can end up looking dull and unappetising.
Robbie Williams' new girlfriend was nicknamed Mad Brashy at school.
The larger SED logs come from older trees and the core is often rotten or brashy and yields wood fiber that is brittle or soft and not suitable for lumber [4].
Give me buxom, brashy Sharon any day, even if her taste in men is in her, well, posterior.